Friday, June 20, 2014

Beer Tasting 4 - 7pm Friday, June 20


A few weeks ago we were taking our standard Friday night photo at our beer tasting table when Earl gave us this great smile and thumbs up...

The next day Mike came in and we shot this...
Both pictures are fun and have a terrific energy so we have been encouraging the reps to give us a big smile with varying degrees of success. 

Today Your host is Scott Valley of Charter Oak Brewing. We think he nailed it!
Brown Ale           $9.99/6pb
Charter Oak’s 1687 Brown Ale (this was the year the legend of the Charter Oak took place, and Wadsworth hid the document in the majestic Oak Tree - later to become know as The Charter Oak) is an American style which is slightly more robust than the traditional English Brown Ale. This beer will be brewed to a dark copper shade and be somewhat sweet and malty with distinctive toasted flavors from both our premium specialty roasted and chocolate malted barley, also allowing for a faint undertone of caramel. This style is lightly hopped for balance and this ale will prove to be a wonderful selection for a sessionable beer. Our medium-bodied, limited bitterness and hop aroma will make this an excellent choice.

IPA                      $10.49/6pb
Charter Oak’s Wadsworth India Pale Ale beer (named after Captain Joseph Wadsworth, for it was he who actually rode off to hide the Charter in the Charter Oak Tree) this ale will be a west coast style IPA with plenty of hop aroma and bitterness, yet crisp, refreshing and not over the top! Our Charter Oak IPA style will pleasure your pallet with more than your typical ’every day India Pale Ale’ and you’ll be sure to taste our grapefruit citrus overtone backed with notes of black currant. Our beer will be a medium bodied beer with a dark copper shade. Plenty of choice, high Alpha hops that we hand select, yet well balanced and not too intense for the best IPA from our specialty malted barley.

Pale Ale               $9.99/6pb
Charter Oak’s Royal Charter Pale Ale beer (named after the Connecticut charter hidden in the Charter Oak Tree) is the little brother to our IPA, but still brewed with plenty of flavor and hops. This top fermented ale will be solidly an American Pale Ale style; not too sweet and not too bitter, but complex enough to not disappoint you. From your first sip and scent of a citrus and floral aroma, a solid backbone of the Cascade Hop can be detected. We hope you will enjoy this well balanced, medium bodied, and deep golden appearance in our Pale Ale. We can assure you it is not intensely hopped up, but only a subtle bitterness and dry finish. This is a beer you can drink all night long!

Variety Pack                 $18.99/12pb

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