Thursday, August 4, 2016

Friday Tasting
Scott Valley From

Charter Oak Brewing

Brown Ale 6pkbtl $10.29
The 1687 Brown Ale pours a rich dense brown shade with a faint citrus aroma. This brewery uses both malted and roasted barley in this beer for a total of seven types of barley which allow for a wonderfully complex taste, yet well balanced.  Of particular surprise is just how clean this beer finishes, leaving no residual on the tongue. Interestingly enough, the 1687 Brown Ale also enjoys a very light mouth feel and at 5.5% ABV it enjoys a year round spot at the bar.

Pale Ale 6pkbtl $9.99
The Royal Charter Pale Ale beer enjoys a citrus nose and is designed to be a sessionable beer. The beer starts off a well-balanced ale with plenty of malt backbone and the hops become 'alive' on the back end.  Unlike the typical west coast styles, the intensity of this full flavored hop does not become any more robust with each sip or pint, but rather remains stable.

IPA 6pkbtl $10.29

Charter Oak's IPA pours with a full head of foam and a rich amber shade. As you bring your glass up to your mouth, one can not help but enjoy the aroma of the citrus, floral, and piney from our fresh, finishing hops. Indeed, a familiar nose for most American west coast India Pale styles. Once the liquid reaches your tongue, the hops are loud and clear and as this IPA reaches the back of your palate, the hops only become more flavorful and intense.

Variety 12pkbtl $18.99

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