Friday, August 12, 2016

Beer Tasting - Friday August 12th from 4-7pm

Friday Night Beer Tasting
from 4-7pm
with Peter from
Thomas Hooker

Hop Meadow IPA 6pBTL $9.29
A blend of cascade, centennial and simcoe hops give this beer a citrus aroma and piney finish. Balanced but complex. Refreshing!

Defiance IPL 4pBTL $9.29
Defying conventional wisdom, this brew possesses the robust hop character of an India Pale Ale but finishes like a lager. Bursting with Citra hops, this beer is the best of both worlds.

Honey Berry 6pBTL $9.29
An ale brewed with the happy duo of sweet Connecticut honey and natural berry flavors.

Dopplebock 4pBTL $9.29
Hopped with German and Czech hops and fermented with Bavarian lager yeast, this traditional doppelbock blends an extensive amount of select dark malts to achieve its rich and creamy character. A malt lovers dream!

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