Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Welcome to Connecticut New Belgium Brewing! Special tasting Thursday June 23rd 4-7pm

Thursday's Tasting
June 23rd, 2016
Phil from
New Belgium Brewing Co.

Fat Tire Amber Ale - 6pcan $9.99 6pbtl $10.49 12p $17.99
On the nose Sweet biscuity and caramel malts, subtle notes of fresh fennel and green apple. On the palate Toasty malt, gentle sweetness, flash of fresh hop bitterness. The malt and hops are perfectly balanced with carbonation and light sweetness finish clean on your palate.

Ranger IPA - 6pbtl $10.49 12pbtl $17.99
On the nose, an abundance of hops (citrus, floral and fruity) with
Pale and caramel malts harmonize with hop flavor from start to finish- yet finishes deliciously bitter.

Rampant Imperial IPA - 6pbtl $11.49
Prominent lemon citrus and floral hop aroma and flavor including some nice dry-hopped fresh grass and spicy pine notes.Hint of sweetness in the background from malt, the rest is a story of ambitious but not overwhelming bitterness.Warmth from alcohol is present but not conspicuous. Nice dry finish from carbonation and glass full of bitter hops.

Heavy Melon - 6pbtl $10.49
Juicy ripe watermelon, cucumber, papaya and citrus with an underlying herbal note and faint cereal malt notes. Light fruity sweetness with an even lighter touch of balancing bitterness. Round juicy and mouthwatering start and middle with a spritzy, crisp finish.

Citradelic Tangerine IPA - 6pbtl/can $10.49 12pk $17.99
A blend of citrus (orange fruit/candy), tropical fruit (pineapple), and pine hop up front. Lighter are the herbal and caramel notes. Starts mildly sweet and transitions to a well-balanced bitterness, lightly dry with a clean finish.

Glutiny Golden Ale (crafted to reduce gluten) 6pbtl $10.49
Piney, citrus (lemon candy, oranges) and grassy watermelon rind meld together in the fore with light green tea and cereal malt notes to follow. Slightly juicy and a little creamy with light sweetness, balanced with an equally light bitter finish.

Glutiny Pale Ale 6pbtl $10.49
Heavy tropical fruit hop upfront- papaya, mango, pineapple, pine, black currant, grapefruit and lemon citrus. Herbal, grassy and green tea undertones with a slight earthy malt character.Light sweetness and even lighter tartness that slides into a mild and balanced bitterness.Smooth and juicy with a crisp finish.

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