Thursday, June 2, 2016

Traveling to Spain with Len (The Wine Tutor) Gulino through pictures

Our Wine school teacher, Len Gulino is currently brushing up on Spain for our upcoming fall semester and what better way to do it than spending some time face to face with some of the country's winemakers and taking in their prospective on what they do so well. 

You will see that len not only enjoys the wines but also the food and culture that is attached to it. We are confident that looking through his experiences will motivate some of our followers to start planning their own visit. i know we are!


Highly prized tuna belly sushi (ventresca).  One of the 8 courses of the all-blue-fin-tuna-dinner at Restaurante El Campero in Barbate, Spain.

The nets of the Almadraba, a 4000 year old method invented by the Phoenicians to catch blue fin tuna close to shore during their annual spring migration from the cold waters of the north Atlantic to the warm waters of the Mediterranean to spawn.

One of the colorful, planted rooftops that can be seen throughout the Casbah in Tangiers, Morocco.

A very colorful spice stall in the Casbah.

Len plays a tune with the house band during lunch in the Casbah.

Master Sommelier Virginia Philip (a Johnson and Wales schoolmate/friend of William Miller) presenting info on the wines we will be having with our self-cooked lunch in Vejer, Spain.  In the background are cooking school owner Annie B. and her assistant, Pepi.

Master Chef graduating class with winning entry:  Sticky Orange and Lemon Cake

Bodegas La Gitana in San Lucar, one of the 3 sherry triangle towns.  U.S. marketing manager, Miquel, is drawing 30 year Amontillado sherry from a barrel with the age old tool called a venecia, and then pouring into the glass.

Sitting and tasting among the casks of 30 and 40 year old Amontillado and Oloroso in the dark, cool cellar on a hot day in southern Spain - Magic!

Virginia, Miquel, and Len having a fond farewell photo together.

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