Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Dog Days of Summer are here - Puppy Socialization Begins

The line for the slide at the puppy pool
The Puppy days of summer are almost here. The happiness starts next week as the long awaited puppy socialization begins. Everyone we talk to seems to be looking forward to holding, loving and doting on these wonderful little puppies from Lily's 2nd litter. They are very lucky to be so popular because all of that love will give them a great start as they prepare to go to their new homes.

The puppies have been through the first stage of "Super Dog" training and their "Rules of 7's" exercises are nearly complete. Their development has been fun to watch and even more fun to be part of.

Now it's time to expose them to people!

We need you and your kids, grandparents, and friends from all age groups and walks of life to help us to socialize them with people. It was a great success with Lily's first litter and this exposure plays an intrical role in their development.

Each dog from her first litter went to their new home with this advantage and each has turned out to be an great, well loved dog. We look forward to seeing that success repeated and we need your help.

Beginning Wednesday July 22nd at 1:00pm, We will be bringing the puppies to the store for a couple of hours, a few times a week for this developmental therapy. We invite willing participants to come and visit with the puppies, to hold, love, and expose them to different people from all age groups. Watch our Facebook page or stop by the store to see their schedule of times. This will not be an exact science, the days and time will vary a bit to fit our own work schedule and to be sure that they aren't stressed from over stimulation. 

There is more...

We also want to use this as an opportunity to help the Fairfield Animal Shelter.

I stopped by the other day to ask what we could ask people to donate and what I found out was that there is a lot that we can do. I was given a list of supplies that will help them care for abandoned and lost animals. We intend to do our part to help and we know that we are fortunate to have a fairly affluent clientele with more means than many communities. Anything that you can contribute to the cause will be appreciated by us but more importantly by the men and women that work at the shelter along with all of the animals that have ended up in the shelter for a variety of reasons.
Gratuitous picture of a sullen looking puppy to help drive donations :)

Here is the list:

- Dry Dog or Cat Food
- Canned Dog or Cat Food
- Dog and Cat Treats
- Dog and Cat Toys
- Cat Litter
- Grooming Supplies
- Towels and Blankets
- Animal Beds
- Collars
- Leashes
- Pooper Scoopers
- Crates and/or Cages
- Flea and Tick Spray

It is a great lesson for kids to learn about helping their community and giving to those that are less fortunate.

We will have a donation box set up for the next 3 weeks and we invite everyone to help regardless of whether or not you are visiting the puppies. There is no requirement to make a donation to visit and/or handle a puppy, This is just our way of trying to help out our community. You are not obligated

"Like" us on Facebook and watch our page as we announce our "Puppy socialization" times. Come by to see them and sit and visit with them while these beautiful little puppies learn about people.

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