Friday, July 31, 2015

Beer Tasting 4 - 7pm Friday, July 31

Your Host:
Scott Valley
Charter Oak Brewing Company
New Canaan, CT


1687 Brown Ale . . . $9.99/6pbtl
This American Style Brown Ale and its distinctive brown label was first introduced by the brewery in June of 2012. The American style is somewhat unique because so many of the brown bodied beers are of an English style, which tend to be sweeter. The 1687 Brown Ale pours a rich dense brown shade with a faint roasted and tasted aroma. The brewery uses both malted and roasted barley in the beer and a total of seven types of barley allow for a wonderfully complex taste, yet well balanced. Of particular surprise is just how clean this beer finishes, leaving no residual on the tongue. Interestingly enough, the 1687 Brown Ale also enjoys a very light mouth feel and at 5.5% ABV it enjoys a year round spot at the bar.

Wadsworth IPA . . . $10.49/6pbtl
Our Wadsworth India Pale Ale , and its bold red branding, is a well balanced brew; at 6.5% ABV, plenty of select malted barley, and an aggressive dose of premium hops, we think you will enjoy the taste and nose of this style. Charter Oak's IPA pours with a full head of foam and a rich amber shade. As you bring your glass up to your mouth, one can not help but enjoy the aroma of the citrus and pine from our fresh, finishing hops. Indeed, a familiar nose for most American India Pale styles. Once the liquid reaches your tongue, our hops are loud and clear and as this IPA reaches the back of your palate, the hops only become more flavorful and intense, although we brew this to yield a full backbone of malted barley to hide all the bitterness. Having said this, our IPA is not too bitter and one could argue, with all the hoppiness of this this well balanced style, it is a beer that can be savored all night long.

Royal Charter Pale Ale . . . $9.99/6pbtl
The Royal Charter Pale Ale, with its elegant green label, was introduced in October of 2012 and is the second of four core Charter Oak Brewery beers. This west coast styled beer pours a distinctive amber shade and enjoys a nice head of foam. The Royal Charter Pale Ale beer enjoys a citrus nose and is designed to be a sessionable beer. The beer starts off a well-balanced ale with plenty of malt backbone and the hops become 'alive' on the back end. Unlike the typical west coast styles, the intensity of this full flavored hop does not become any more robust with each sip or pint, but rather remains stable. At 5.5% ABV and a full taste, this Ale could soon become your favorite.

Lights Out Stout . . . $7.29/22oz
This is a robust, yet well balanced, Stout with hints of chocolate, coffee, toffee, and Carmel and a solid roasted barley back bone. It pours a dark black with a full head of tan foam and enjoys a dominate chocolate and coffee aroma. From your first sip, there is no mistake that this style has plenty of fresh hops; however the full malted barley backbone hides any hint of bitterness. This is a well balanced Russian Imperial Stout with a generous ABV at 9.1% and full flavor.

SATURDAY 4:00-7:00pm


A fun blend of spiked seltzer amped up with Broken Shed Premium Vodka. A refreshing drink for these hot summer days, and with some power to it!

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