Friday, June 12, 2015

Rum renaissance, The best value in Craft Spirits

The past decade has seen many changes in our industry. Single Malt Scotch, Craft Beer, and the Bourbon boom are undeniable shifts as savvy shoppers have turned away from big names and turned their attention to things that are "Hand Crafted" rather than the mass produced sameness. Customers are willing to pay more for products that are well made and the smaller producers, men and women with a specific passion, continue to make their mark while the corporate giants struggle to adjust to this growing trend.

If you have every had a wine, spirit, or beer that has stopped you in your tracks. One that made you think "I didn't know it could be this good", You have probably joined the movement. A favorite passion of ours is to see the light go on as we introduce one of our customers to something new. Too often in life we wander through the days with our brains a little shut off as brand loyalty gets in the way of new discovery. The good news is that right now, more than ever, people are open to finding something new. There is such a surge of new artistry in this industry that people are asking questions and searching out new things.

So what's next?

In this case the phrase "What's old is new again" might be appropriate as Rum is making its come back. Perhaps the biggest reason the trend is on the rise is that there are lots of stocks of older, well aged rum all over the Caribbean. There are caches of these beautiful sipping spirits readily available and the prices are amazing when compared to other categories. Add to that the idea that there are many islands using different techniques that make their style quite unique. Some of these producers have also been watching what the folks in the Whiskey world are doing with different woods and you will begin to see why Rum is making noise as a Craft spirit option.

Lets take a look at a few that we are excited about...

Zafra 21yr (Panama) $48.99
The aroma is rich with dark fruit and devoid of the light alcohols aged far less than this blend of rums. Unlike most aged rums, this Panamanian rum is aged at least 21 years in used American bourbon whiskey barrels. The body is smooth, slightly viscous and leads to a slightly dry smoky tobacco and charred oak finish.  (When is the last time you saw a 21yr Whiskey under $100 nevermind under $50) It has seen time in Bourbon barrel and is a perfect bridge spirit for bourbon fans. Father's Day? Hmmm

Santa Teresa 1796 Solera (Venezeula) $43.99
Results from a careful blend of their finest aged spirits that is further aged in a style borrowed from the Spanish sherry producers. It is the first premium añejo rum in the world to be aged in the Solera method, which is unique to the entire rum world.

Ron Zacapa Rum Centenario 23 Year (Guatemala) $40.99
Smooth aroma honeyed with caramel and fruitiness. Sweet and mouth-warming with hints of oak, vanilla, dried fruits and some liquorice. The finish is long and sweet with vanilla, coffee, smoke and honey and it has the tiniest amount of marzipan creeping up to the palate.

Old Man Guavaberry Republic Rum 8yr (Saint Maarten) $24.99
Some years ago after many years in the making, we released our Republic Rum, an unsweetened golden blend of the finest Caribbean Rums, the youngest of which was aged in oak for five years. Republic Rum is a sipping quality golden spirit of the Caribbean but if all recipes depend on the quality of their ingredients, this rum will add depth and flavour to all Caribbean rum cocktails, traditional or modern.

The list goes on...

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