Friday, June 5, 2015

Beer Tasting 4 - 7pm Friday, June 5

Join us tonight as we kick-off our 3rd annual Best of Connecticut Brewers! Every week we will be featuring one of our favorite Ct's brewers - Buy Local!

Your Host: Mick Ferarro
City Steam

brewing Company-Hartford, CT

Blonde on Blind
. . . $8.99/6pcan - $17.99/12pcan

Our double Gold Medal winning American Pale Ale. German hops for bitterness, West Coast USA hops for aroma. Don’t let the word ‘blonde’ fool you: this beer has a huge amount of flavor for something that looks like a light beer. BoB has been served at City Steam off and on since the very beginning. IT is named after a 1966 Bob Dylan album.

Naughty Nurse . . .
$8.99/6pcan - $17.99/12pcan
Medium hop level consisting of all English varieties (Challenger, Fuggles, & Goldings). The bitterness is offset by the sweet caramel flavor of the English crystal malt, which also gives the ale its amber color. The Naughty Nurse is our most popular beer and has been on tap at City Steam almost since the beginning. The reason for its popularity probably has to do with its overall well balanced profile… or maybe it’s the name. It is perhaps a quintessential version of an English inspired American made ‘microbrew.’

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