Thursday, February 5, 2015

Upcoming Classes: Turkish - Saké - Bourbon

Turkish Wine Class
Wednesday, March 11 from 7-9pm
$35 one session
Turkey played a pivotal role in the early history of wine and is likely to have been one of the earliest wine-producing regions of the world. Today this region has become the center for high quality boutique vineyards with impressive terroirs such as those of Suvla Vineyards.

Guest Teacher Selim Zafer Ellialti, Owner of Suvla Vineyards will be taking us through this remarkable country and its wine characteristics, discussing not only its rich history and geographical influences, but also giving insight into the modern Turkish wine industry, and the challenges they face.

His vineyards are nestled in the historical Peninsula of Gallipoli, between the North Aegean coast and the Sea of Marmara. The 60 hectares of certified organic vineyards produce a wide variety of vines; cultivating international and indigenous varieties, including Kınalı Yapıncak and Karasakız. Though he is one of the newest and brightest entrants into the rapidly modernizing Turkish wine industry Ellialti has received numerous gold medals as well as notable 90 point ratings by leading wine critics.

 Saké & Cheese Class
Wednesday, March 18 from 7-9pm
$35 one session
Saké is a fine accompaniment to many different cuisines, often even more so even than wine. Saké does not have a single flavor but many profiles ranging from sweet to dry, fruity to floral, bold to elegant, earthy to herbal, and much more! 

This class begins your journey of understanding that foods such as cheese which is certainly not a traditional Japanese food, pair beautifully. We will explore this style of brewing that is reflective of its skilled artisans who have insight into the subtleties of minute changes in climate, rice and water. In addition we will challenge your palate with delicious cheese pairings to show its wonderful versatility.

Come enjoy the experience with Monica Samuels who has more than 10 years of experience in the Saké industry, including 6 years as the Saké Ambassador for Southern Wine & Spirits, the Largest alcohol distributor in the US. Monica has also been profiled in Wine Spectator as one of "Saké's True Believers" and nominated as part of Wine Enthusiast's "Top 40 Tastemakers Under 40" for championing the Saké category.

Bourbon Production, From the Still to Your Glass
Thursday, March 19th from 7-9pm
$40 one session
Join us as Joe Beatrice, Founder of Barrell Bourbon llc, shows us how appreciate Bourbon from the moment it comes off the Still.

You will understand why the specific combination of type, source of grain (the Mash Bill),  and yeast used for fermentation along with a barrels "char" contributes. The Rack House and where the barrel is located in that house along with how much light exposure and whether there is temperature control are also critical components to the whiskey's personality. 

There is a lot to the process and Joe understands it like few people do. He will guide us from the very basics of Bourbon making through the intricacies of making a great one and selecting a winner.


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