Saturday, August 30, 2014

Kombrewcha Tasting 3pm-6pm

 Eli is here from Kombrewcha to show our customers what the buzz is all about. Have you heard of Kombucha? Time to find out what it is all about!

Kombrewcha, our spirited and traditionally brewed kombucha, is fermented organic tea with a tease, tangy and not too sweet. With 2% alcohol, only 65 to 75 calories per bottle (less than in light-beer and hard-cider), and boatloads of live probiotics – it’s an invitation to rethink what we drink. 100% Organic!

We set out to create a new kind of brew that you can indulge in without compromise and with just enough alcohol to get you tickled, not pickled. After almost two years of brewing and tweaking, Kombrewcha was born.

Our kombucha is brewed the traditional way, allowing the tiny probiotics to do what they do best – make bubbles and a little alcohol.

Original    $11.69 4pk
Brewed with organic black tea and just a hint of agave nectar, it's raw kombucha, pure and simple. With a flavor and aroma that would be familiar to kombucha drinkers from ancient times. At least we'd like to think so.

Royal Ginger    $11.69 4pk
Our Royal Ginger is brewed with real pressed organic ginger juice and a bit of agave nectar. Think ginger beer, but without the sweetness and with many fewer calories.

Lemongrass Lime   $11.69 4pk
The cool and tangy lime flavor is balanced with fresh and earthy notes of lemongrass. It’s refreshing, uplifting, and delicious – think honeymoon on an island in Thailand. If you end up going, please send us a postcard.

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