Friday, August 1, 2014

Craft Can Brew Crew at "The Vibes"

These past few days have been filled with lots of Vibes attendees stopping in on their way to Seaside Park to pick up their "essentials", Shopping lists have included lots of beer (in cans of course) and ice and the occasional request for Vodka or other spirit in a plastic bottle. Not many people heading over are looking for wine, go figure!

Some of the younger folks on our staff and in one case, her entire family are taking some time to enjoy a weekend full of music and good times. Everyone scrambling early to get a good spot and Set up camp for the long weekend and Renzo has even requested Monday off (his recovery day). It is fun to watch the bussling around for what has become an event that draws people from hundreds of miles away. We had one group in from Pittsburgh PA that were told to stop at Harry's on their way in for their craft beer in cans.

It seems that campers however, have upped the ante on "roughing it". Lying on the hard ground and sleeping in a tent, lawn chairs to sit on, along with a lack of a shower for a couple of days, and the meals that won't be described as "gourmet" may still be the norm. These things remain perfectly acceptable to this crowd... The cooler though, thats a different story! The cooler looks the same on the oustside but when the lid is taken off the "roughing it" is suddenly at a different level. No cheap beer for these music fans. Inside that old Coleman cooler there is an oasis of craft brew to get them through the long weekend. It may be beer and hotdogs at the campsite, but it is very good beer!

Our stacks of these small batch brews in can have been given a work out as these campers prepare to settle into their camp sites and our supply of ice has been hit just as hard. I guess you have to have your priorities and it is clear where those lie with this crowd. Fun group of people!

We wish all of the attendees and enjoyable weekend filled with music and fun. Hopefully the rain will stay away, Stay safe.

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