Friday, February 28, 2014

WINE CLASS: The Basic Blind Tasting – Like the Pros Do It!

This class is always a big hit for us. Intimidating? yes... Difficult?, yes... Fun? absolutely... and that's just the staff! 

This class always starts as a white knuckle ride into the unknown where we are sure that it is going to be difficult and we will all fail at our mission to discern and correctly guess the varietal that is being highlighted. As class wears on we find that the clues presented throughout the evening and the guidance that our instructor gives, allows us to learn about what our senses tell us with each sip and the journey becomes educational and fun rather than difficult and intimidating. 

In order to become a more skilled and experienced wine taster, it is essential to concentrate on each wine as you taste it.There is almost no better way to force this concentration than in a blind tasting format. 
Each week we will taste all wines of the same grape, each from a different country.The bottles will be in brown bags so you will not have any preconceptions! It is your goal to discern and learn more about the different styles and flavors of each wine.Oh, and a slight twist - one wine each session will be a different varietal, i.e, A Ringer, than the main grape of the night. . .see if you can pick it out! 

Cost:  $70 (includes both weeks)
When: Wed, March 12th & 19th 7pm-9pm 
Where: Harry's, 2094 Post Rd, Fairfield, 
Call to sign up 203-259-4692 ask for Jan

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