Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pappy Van Winkle 12yr 4-7pm today - Wine Tasting - Saturday 1-4PM

Today is a very good day to come by the store and set up camp around the tasting bar!

These past couple of days have been filled with celebration here at the store as we look back at 72 years in business and today is no exception. Vias imports has joined in and is sending Christopher Lawther who represents their portfolio to taste some of our seasonal favorites on the wine tasting from 1-4pm today (menu below).
Bring a folding chair with you because the Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon wait will have begun. At 4pm the wait will be over as we break the seal on a brand new bottle of "Pappy". In our last allocation we squirrled away a 12yr old bottle of the very rare Bourbon and have been looking forward to this occasion to break it out and share with our customers. We will also show a handful of other Bourbons, along with a Rye and a Sour Mash Whiskey (Menu below). If you are wondering what the "Brown Liquor" craze is all about this tasting will answer the question and put an exclamation point on it! Patrick and Renzo will be on hand to help people to understand the mystique and story behind each of the selections and there will be a chance to purchase some of the items at the tasting today... No, not the Pappy, but we do have a wait list if you want to add your name. The list extends out to what looks like 6 or 7 years right now based on current allocations.

Your host is Christopher Lawther of Hartley Parker Select Brands 1-4pm.
Broglia Gavi di Gavi 2012                                        $19.99
Straw yellow color is highlighted by a trace of green.  The nose has a racy profile of white flowers with a touch of almond.  On the palate it is classically dry as it offers flavors of citrus and white fruit.  A clean refreshing finish leaves plenty of room for another sip.  This is the oldest documented vineyard in Italy . . . since 971!

Strasserhof Kerner 2012                                          $21.99
Color: Pale straw yellow with golden emerald highlights. Bouquet: Refined and intense with persistent citrus and floral notes. Flavor: Dry with excellent structure and a soft, round body.  Pairings: Perfect for appetizers and shellfish based dishes.  This is the most northern vineyard in Italy.  Winemaker’s Notes

Produttori del Barbaresco Pora 2008       $49.99
Playing true to type, the 2008 Barbaresco Riserva Pora is another of the more open wines in this vintage. But that is only in relative terms. Layers of expressive red fruit, crushed flowers and spices flesh out in this radiant Barbaresco. In most vintages the Pora is one of the more accessible of the Riservas when young. The close proximity of the vineyard to the Tanaro River results in a warm microclimate that ripens the fruit earlier than elsewhere. In 2008, though, the Pora packs a serious punch. The coolness of the late harvest comes through in a finish laced with considerable tension and minerality. This is easily one of the very best Poras I have ever tasted from the Produttori. Anticipated maturity: 2018-2048.  Wine Advocate, 95 pts

Ca Viola Dolcetto 2012                                             $19.99
This is a ready-to-drink wine for everyday enjoyment.  Rich ruby red color.  The nose plays on notes of fresh fruit and finishes with a pleasant note of blackberry.  Smooth, agile and balanced in the mouth.  Pleasantly fresh throughout, this dynamic Dolcetto appeals to a wide variety of palates.  This is the vineyard of world renowned winemaker Beppe Ca Viola.  Winemaker’s Notes

Your hosts are Patrick & Renzo of Harry's staff 4-7pm

Pappy Van Winkle 12yr "lot B" 
(tasting only) 
Nose: Honey, honeysuckle, orange zest, citrus and a hint of cherry.
Body: Very rich and smooth, almost creamy, buttery.  A hint of smoke but not a lot – surprised that we like it as much as we do given that our blog is dedicated to the smoky varieties.
Finish: Complex body turns into a complex finish: white chocolate, smoke and tree bark; warmth but with very little burn.

Angel's Envy Port cask finish $47.99
Offers a rich mouthfeel and a sumptuous banquet of flavors on the palate. The effect of the port barrel finish is evident in the sophistication and complexity of flavors, everything is perfectly balanced and the port doesn't overwhelm the natural bourbon flavors but instead perfectly complements it. Vanilla bundt cake, cinnamon, mint and orange flavors abound with a delicious burnt sugar undertone and solid oak notes.

Michter's Sour Mash  $40.99
This is a really lovely, very fruity whiskey. The nose is all apples, with a touch of caramel behind it. Supple and silky, that fruitiness continues on into the body, with an apple pie character that is far too easy to drink, and doesn’t taste at all like it’s been bottled at a solid 86 proof. Not too sweet and lightly wooded, the graininess of the spirit is all but gone — a touch of corn on the mid-palate and a bit of popcorn on the finish are all that remind you that you’re drinking a whiskey instead of chowing down on dessert.

Michter's Small Batch Bourbon $39.99
Robust and rich, semi-sweet and spicy, with a background of cinnamon and ginger. This can be a bit sharp at first, and water significantly yields a smoother drink, while amplifying the flavors. This is quite nice.

Michter's Single Barrel Rye $40.99
Crazy-sweet aroma, full of caramel, vanilla and a slight floral touch. The bite comes first (and lingers awhile), followed by vanilla, caramel, coconut flavors. It mellows considerably with ice, and becomes quite likeable, drinkable and mild.

And a surprise for those that read this post and ask "What else are you offering today?"
Pssst... It will be behind the counter ;)

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