Friday, October 11, 2013

Beer Tasting 4 - 7pm Friday, Oct 11

Your host will be Renzo of Harry's.

Woodchuck Mix Pack    $15.49/12pb

The original Woodchuck. People liked it so much we made four more styles. The Amber is sweet (but not too sweet) with a nice golden color and crisp finish.*

Granny Smith
Made from only Granny Smith apples, this one's a lot more tart and quite a bit tangier than your average Woodchuck. If you're a green apple sort of person, this could be your Woodchuck.

802 Dark & Dry
A drier Woodchuck. Its made with caramelized sugar to tone down the sweetness a bit and give it its bronze color. In case you're wondering, 802 is our area code up here in Vermont. So if you're planning on calling us up to say, "Dude, that 802 stuff like rocks!" just add 388-0700 to the name of your cider.

A session cider that's cool, refreshing and crafted to be delicate in body and perfected with a delicious crisp apple taste.

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