Friday, February 12, 2016

Beer Tasting Friday Feb. 12th, 4-7pm

Your Host is Geoffrey from:
Harpoon Brewing Company

Long Thaw $9.69 6pkbtl
Medium bitterness, fruit and citrus flavors from the hops and orange peel, and spicy from the coriander.  A little bready / biscuity malt and wheat character

Grapefruit UFO $9.69 6pkbtl
sweet malt, sweet / tart grapefruit

Harpoon IPA $9.69 6pkbtl 
Our IPA finds harmony in the combination of hops, malt, and yeast so that no single ingredient dominates the drinking experience. The sturdy malt backbone provides depth of body and color and is balanced by a pleasantly hoppy enjoyed with friends. 

And we have a surprise Brew tonight. Stop by to find out what!

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