Thursday, September 24, 2015

Harry’s Wine School Fall 2015

Italy – Across the top of the boot 
October 14th 7-9pm $35
Italy has a great deal to offer when it comes to great wine growing appellations. Too much to get through in just one evening so we will visit the regions just south of the Alps. From Piedmont in the west to the Veneto in the east, and some surprising and lesser known regions between the two. Len will connect the dots and introduce you to a few varietals that even experienced tasters might not know yet. 

Spanish Wine regions 
October 28th 7-9pm $35
Where is Ribera del Duero?  Montsant?  Toro?  What is a D.O.?   Join us as Len helps us to understand Spain through the eyes of a wine traveler. Len has traveled extensively through the world’s great wine growing regions and will join us this evening to share with you what he has learned through the years. You will understand the varietals, Spain’s many appellations, and how the regional wine regulatory boards (Consejo Regulador) insure the highest level of quality in all their wines. 

Food Pairing with Tutto Pasta 
November 11th 7-9pm $50
“Brothers Extraordinaire” David and Andrew are rolling up their sleeves to bring us another memorable food pairing class filled with delicious creations and teamed with a selections of wines that bring the palate to life. Len will host and offer his opinions and knowledge as we taste a selection of wines that are classically paired with the foods they were intended for. Always a popular class.

High End Class 
December 2nd 7-9pm $70
This night we will pick a selection of wines from our shelves that have impressed us, are very age worthy, and have great potential for gift giving at this special time of year. Bring your palate and clear a spot in your cellar because this night offers some of the best wines available from the world’s great producers and vintages.  As a holiday gift to all, Len will bring a well-aged (i.e., multi-decade) beauty from his personal wine cellar – Do Not Miss This Event!

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