Friday, September 25, 2015

Beer Tasting 4 - 7pm Friday, September 25

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G and G Distributors

JK Scrumpy Gold Gate . . . $6.49/22oz
Orchard Gate Gold as a unique Artisan Michigan Farmhouse Cider, somewhere between English Scrumpy and a Normandy Cidre. After the harvest, we press our organic apples and allow them to slowly ferment for up to six months. We then carefully hand-fill and label each bottle and let it age for several weeks to properly condition. There are only two ingredients in our Orchard Gate Gold: Apple Juice and Yeast.

JK Scrumpy Northern Neighbor . . . $6.49/22oz 
We invite you to celebrate a collaboration of a few passionate American and Canadian farmers. The fruits of their labor are presented in this bottle, a family reunion of sorts. This delightful cider is made from Michigan apples and a unique Canadian prairie apple, the Saskatoon. This natural cider has been carefully fermented at Almar Orchards using our traditional methods.

Thistly Cross Cider . . . $5.49/16oz
Slightly Sparkling. Our 6.2% Farmhouse Cider is smooth, refreshing and Thistly Cross’ first born. It’s a classic, farmhouse cider made with a blend of Scottish apples.The 6 month maturation makes it refreshing, smooth & fruity. Clear golden, smooth, medium dry Scottish cider.

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