Friday, August 28, 2015

Our Fairfield community comes through!

A few weeks back we asked our Fairfield community to come in and help us get Lily's puppies ready for their new homes and boy did you come through. Each time we sent those puppies home after a few hours of socialization they slept well and they were a little better adjusted to the world. Our thanks to everyone that helped.

That is not what this is about though...

We also saw a great opportunity to help our community by starting a collection for the local animals that aren't as fortunate as the ones that we were raising. Fairfield Animal Shelter can always use a hand helping to care for the lost or abandoned animals that get stuck in their facility and we wanted to do our part so without much fanfare we set up a box and asked the people that come to the store to dig into their hearts and pocketbooks to help out and boy did you!

The box got filled once, and then twice, and we had to find storage room in back because it was still coming. Just about the time we wanted to send over the donations we read in the paper that Fairfield's animal shelter had been infected with Parvo and would be closed for a thorough cleaning and disinfecting.  We left the box up and more donations came!

By the time we made the call today we had a good van full of things to help out with the re-open of the facility and we are happy to say that because of your generosity they have lots of new supplies to get them off on the right foot.

What you donated:

Cases and cases of cat food
Bag after bag of dog food
Feeding bowls
Pet snacks
Assorted blankets and towels
Large Dog crate
Brushes and combs
Flea and tick spray
and the list goes on...

Animal Control Officer Joe Felner came by today with the van and loaded up. He offered a hearty handshake and lots of thanks to everyone that helped. He posed for a picture and then took the donations back to the shelter so that they could begin helping the animals they care for.

A great day to be part of this generous community. Thank you to all that helped and if you meant to bring something by but never got a time to do it, you can always drop you donation off to the Animal Shelter yourself and they will be happy for your help.

Once again, our sincere thanks to this wonderful town and its residents for such a great success!

- Cheers

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