Friday, August 14, 2015

Beer Tasting 4 - 7pm Friday, August 14

Your Host:
Broad Brook Brewing Company

East Windsor, CT

Broad Brook Ale . . . $7.99/4pcan 16oz
Rich copper color with caramel malt character balanced by a nice hop aroma. Toffee and biscuit flavors are followed by a slight maltiness fading to a bitter finish.

Hopstillo IPA . . . $8.29/4pcan 16oz
A West Coast inspired India Pale Ale created with a bold concoction of hops and malt with a refreshing citrus explosion and a smooth finish.

Oktoberfest Ale . . . $8.29/4pcan 16oz
A blend of Munich–Style malts produces the light amber color and slight maltiness complimented by noble hops. Our version of Oktoberfest is fermented with German Ale yeast. 

Pink Dragon WIT . . . $8.29/4pcan 16oz
We brew our version in the traditional Belgian White style, but we add a bunch of dried hibiscus flowers at the end of the boil to give this unique beer its distinctive pink hue. Added carbonation enhances a champagnelike quality which creates a very refreshing beverage.

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