Saturday, November 15, 2014

Wine Tasting - Saturday 1-4PM, Nov 15

Your host is Andrew Murray, owner/winemaker. 

 In Honor of the
10th Anniversary of the move "Sideways" we will have

owner/winemaker Andrew Murray in the store. 

His Syrah was featured in the movie.

Syrah Watch Hill Vineyards 2012            $24.99
The aromas and flavors lean toward bright red fruits...cherries, raspberries, currants, and cranberries, with just a touch of a floral/violet note (from the Viognier) with a spicy note dominated by fresh black pepper and a dose of sweet French oak.  Winemaker’s Notes

Syrah Tous les Jours 2013                       $15.99
This has real definition, its ripeness held in tension against cooling, earthen tannins that feel integrated and appetizing. With mouthwatering flavors that suggest dark plums and dried herbs, it belongs next to a platter of grilled lamb chops.  Wine & Spirits, 92 pts

Viognier 2013                                            $19.99
The dominant flavors and aromas are of apricots, peaches, honey, and a subtle citrus edge.  In the mouth, the wine is lush and rich with an incredibly long finish. Winemaker’s Notes

E11even Pinot Noir 2013                          $15.99
Pure, authentic, Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir is the goal here.  The alcohol is moderate, the body is medium with a wonderfully soft finish, and the acidity is there, but harmoniously in check.  The resulting wine is a 5 guitar harmony.  Winemaker’s Notes

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