Thursday, March 31, 2016

Rosé is Your Little Black Dress of the wine world!

Rosé has sprung!

Our Rosé section is almost in full bloom, almost, although not quite yet....

It started slowly creeping in a couple of weeks ago and now all of a sudden it's taking over the store. It's right there right in front of you as when you first walk in. It's occupying lots of space on the racks and has even taken over much of the storage in the back room.

All we talk about at the store now is rosé. Who's tried what? Who's liking what? Where and when do we like to drink rosé. It was in one of these recent conversations between my colleagues and myself when the thought occurred to me; Rosé is like your little black dress.

Here's why:
1) Rosé is classic and timeless. It will never and has never gone out of style. In fact, in maybe the oldest known type of wine.

2) Rosé is budget friendly. Rosés are usually a bargain. The wines are young and don't cost quite as much to make. There are plenty of good ones in the $10-15 range and if you do want to splurge, $25-30 is about as much as you will have to spend.

3)Rosé is spill friendly. That gorgeous rosy or salmon hue will wash out of almost anything.

4)Rosé is extremely versatile. It pairs with most foods. It can be dressed up for a gourmet meal or dressed down as a simple sipper for the beach, patio, picnic or BBQ. With rosé, you are always ready.

5)Rosé can be accessorized. Rosé cocktails anyone?

6)You feel good drinking rosé. It's light and usually lower in alcohol. You can enjoy a glass or two or three...and still maintain a clear head and a fresh palate.

7) Rosé is polished and effortless. Rosé is relatively simple to make compared to other wines. The  maceration period is short, usually 2-20 hours, just long enough to give the wine its color and structure. It spends little time in tank before being bottled and shipped out. Given this short cellar life rosés are still able to achieve balance, structure, full explosions of aromas on the nose and subtle nuances on the palate.

8)There's a rosé for everyone. Rosés are made in many different styles. Whether you prefer one fuller bodied, lighter bodied, fruity, savory, minerally, simple or more complex there's bound to be the perfect one just for you.

9)Rosé is reliable. When all else fails, bring out the rosé!

10)You can drink rosé all year long.

As we head further into spring and summer, Harry's will be carrying over 200 different rosés. Can you guess we love rosé? How many different ones will you try?

Rosé on!

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