Friday, December 4, 2015

Beer Tasting 4 - 7pm Friday,December 4


Your Host:
Rick From Sweet Water Brewing Company

420 E.P.A 6pk...$9.99

Made with Centennial and Cascade hops, The taste is  well balanced between the malts and hops; there are notes of caramel and citrus flavors. It has a mild amount of bitterness. 
Hashbrown...$9.99 6pk
As the flavors develop, the caramelized sweetness rapidly fades and the stern toasty, roasty character of cocoa, coffee and burnt toast takes firm command. But the rise of hops even eclipse the toasted malts with their own grapefruit, orange peel, grassy and piney appeal. Bitterness is sharp and clean even with hints of campfire that waft over the  resiny finish.

Hop Hash...$11.99 6pkA really fresh juicy big ipa with a nice tropical hop profile that has some pineapple and passion fruit elements to it.

IPA...$9.99 6pk A Nice hoppy aroma that leans toward the piney side but has some fruit to it as well; Starts with a moderately sweet caramel presence that is quickly overtaken by a fruity, piney bitterness that continues after the swallow; some residual sweetness on the finish

Take Two Pils...$9.99 6pk
This adventurous golden blonde German style pilsner is brewed with a mad hatter’s dose of spicy floral hops, with light amounts of bitterness that linger in the finish!

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