Friday, November 6, 2015

Beer Tasting 4 - 7pm Friday, October 30

Your Host:
Brett From Thimble Island

American Ale...6pkBTL $8.99
Our American ale is a great example of this classic beer style. It has great character, it’s full of aroma and flavor that’s light enough to drink during the summer and hearty enough to drink in the winter.  It’s a beer for beer lovers.

Black and Tan...6kpBTL $9.29
Brand New!!

Coffee Stout.. 6pkBTL $9.69
Incorporating local craftsman was the inspiration for choosing coffee stout. This choice further emphasizes the founders' passion for quality craft.  With a classic dark color and subtle, yet unmistakable, aroma of coffee this brew presents itself as a modern American craft-brewed stout.  However it's surprisingly easy to drink and gives a nod to the traditional British stout with mellow hop presence.

Pumpkin Porter...6pkBTL $9.69
Poured murky dark brown with a tan head. Smelled like roasted malts with a wallop of spice. The taste was truly spectacular. You had a nice mix of the porter dark malts and their chocolate notes along with the pumpkin and strong spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. Some lingering smoky notes at the end

Double I.P.A...6pkBTL $11.69
Really great initial aroma of sweet citrus and herbal hops. Great strong flavor, definitely an unknown DIPA that can keep up with others. Big citra flavor here, super juicy hops and a nice sweet orange note.

I.P.A...6pkBTL $9.49
Cascade, Northern Brewer and Falconer's Flight hops provide a hint of citrus and are perfectly complimented by a strong malt profile.  A 6.9% ABV adds a refreshing brightness to the beer while stopping just shy of the high alcohol levels of a double or imperial IPA.  Crisp, refreshing and well balanced, we are proud to put fourth our IPA as part of the American craft beer revival.

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