Friday, October 30, 2015

Single Barrel Batch #3 Has Arrived!

This is a bit of a good news bad news story and here is how it goes...

First the bad news, Our stellar Eagle Rare 10yr Single Barrel that arrived at our store in the first week of September was sold out before the first week of October (very quick). It was quite a memorable one with its fans coming in to buy a bottle and then, in most cases, coming back in hopes purchasing of more. The people that responded quickly were rewarded and with another bottle and, in some cases, even a handful of this very memorable selection. Since it sold out we have seen a good number of our faithful Bourbon fans that didn't act as quickly, go home empty handed and disappointed that we were so successful in selling it out because it meant that they weren't going to get their "back-up bottle".

In our defense, we did tell people that it would go quickly.

Here is the good news...

Single Barrel Batch #3 has arrived and is available for sale as you read this!

This time we switched it up a little and went with another delicious selection from the same Buffalo trace portfolio but instead of Eagle Rare 10yr we went with the Buffalo Trace 8 year (8 1/2 to be exact). The price is great at $34.99 and the Whiskey from this barrel was housed in building #4 which great collectors of bourbon will recognize as the house that most of the Pappy Van Winkle comes from. We didn't know this when we first tasted it but we did know immediately that there was something special about it's beautifully soft and elegant styling.

We made this selection with Bourbon season and fall time in New England in mind. It shows all of the stuffing that a good bourbon fan loves, Caramel and Toffee notes on the nose and big mid-palate presence highlighted by well balanced dark spice notes and a dark fruit finish that really holds your attention. The Fall personality really begins to show when you start to pick up on its complexity with of notes like Cinnamon, Nutmeg and soft earthy tones that will remind you of walking through dried fall leaves, it just feels like this time of year when you sip it. This is not a simple Bourbon and spending a bit of time with it is very rewarding. You will keep going back to it's styling and incredibly long finish that invites you back again and again.

We have begun to sell it over the past week or so and it is going quick so here is your forewarning.

Be Quick or be disappointed!

Just like our first two selections, this will sell out quickly. If this past week and a half is a good indicator, it will be gone as quickly as its predecessors. The response has been great and the feedback is equal to each of our other personally selected  Barrels. This past weekend we showed each of our previous picks along side of this newest one at our 74th Anniversary celebration and it was a very hot seller.

What will we do when this sells out? Good question!

We have Batch #4  in the works and it promises to up the ante for us. We tasted a good number of samples from different producers but the one that stole our hearts is from a small guy that has made a big mark with his brand. We are going to keep it under our hats for the moment but suffice it to say, it will not disappoint!

In the meantime, stop by to have a taste and see if you agree that the current Batch #3 is worth the hype. We think that you will agree that this needs to be in your own personal collection.


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