Friday, July 11, 2014

Rosés in short supply already? But it's only July!

It is great to see how many people have discovered Rosé over the past few years. It is also nice to see that so many vineyards have picked up on the trend and are producing more selection and styles for us to discover. This year we topped out at more than 130 different selections on our shelves (an all time high) and we are presently at the top of that peak. Great news right?

Not so fast...

The month of June ended with some disturbing news, the supply chain is drying up for the season on some of our most popular selections! In fact, by weeks end our count will begin to dwindle a bit and some of the wonderful quaffs will be unavailble until next year. Things that are coming to a close might surprise you and all of our best efforts have not yeilded answers that we were hoping to hear so lets put the word out and help to make sure that our customers have the opportunity to stock up.

Chateau des Ferrages 2013  $9.99
This is this years best value and it is selling extremely quickly. No doubt that this little gem will be history this weekend. We have been warning all of our Rosé fans that it is "get it while you can" time. There is no more to be had and our storage room is just about empty of it.

Whispering Angel 2013 $21.99
We did a dinner with Chateau D'esclans earlier this summer and it has been a top seller for us this year and just like last year it is going to dry up much to early. Estimated time left on this one is also less than a week. So sad...

Chateau Miraval 2013 $23.99
We had a little more warning on this one from Brangelina and were able to stockpile some of this very popular one. Our storage area is presently stacked to the ceiling but the quality is very good this year and once the Whispering Angel goes this will really pick up steam. This should make it through July and into August if the trend that we expect holds.

Commanderie Bargemone 2013 $15.99
There is still a pretty good stack of this lovely, pale Salmon treat in back but there will be no more coming in on a truck to the store so consider yourself warned. If we are trying to put a out of stock date on it... August 1st is the latest I would be guessing. We likely won't make it to that date if people start to stock up though.

Gobelsburger Cistercien 2013  $16.99
One of our perrenial favorites from Austria and it is going to come to a screeching halt withing the next couple of weeks. It is another one that we bought a bunch of but our best guess when we filled the back room with it to get through the summer has been shown to be not enough. Estimated date of depletion? lets call it the end of next week.

Domaine Ott Clos Mireille 2013 $49.99
Lets just say that it could all be scooped up in one shot if the right customer walked in today. Less than two cases remain. Are you interested? Now is the time.

Charles & Charles 2013 $11.99
Perhaps our fastest moving domestic Rosé comes from Washington State and has a label that represents the amarican flag at first glance. The price is reasonable and if the current buying trend stands, it will be less than a month. If it picks up in sales, it could be quicker.

Last but not least...

A single bottle of robert Sinskey Vin Gris Rosé remains @ $34.99. Want it? You better get to it before I change my mind a take it myself!

The point is that we are right in the thick of Rosé season and some of our favorites will soon be gone. That is the bad news, the good news is that we are liking alot of what 2013 has to offer and we are enjoying many others too. No one needs to panic and skip out of work early to get their supplies but we will be wishing farewell to some of this seasons favorites far too early this year.

As William always says "There is always another vintage!" and we will enjoy revisting many of them again next year. For now, stock up and get yours while the gettin' is good.


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