Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wine Classes June 2014

All classes are 7pm to 9pm
RSVP:  203-259-4692  or

Wines of Greece            Wednesday                   June 4
Greece has the history of being the early cradle of winemaking among the Mediterranean countries.  Harry’s is proud to promote these fine wines, and at this class you can also experience the appreciation and enjoyment of this historical lineage.  The wine makers of Greece are crafting wines from indigenous varieties with a true sense of place in one of the world’s most diverse growing environments.   Greek wines are on many main stream wine lists, and they are a Sommelier’s dream for pairing with a wide range of foods.  Don’t be intimidated by the unfamiliar grape names.  We’ll give you some quick tips on how to remember your favorites, and also a couple of short-hand pronunciations that are as easy to say as “I’ll have a Cab!”  $35 one session   Just keep this one vision in mind . . .  SUMMER IN SANTORINI !

Wines of Italy               Wednesday          June 18
Italian wine lovers are in for a real treat when we have Jim Morrison of Artisan Wines here for a vinous trip “around the boot”!  Jim is a noted expert on a wide variety of Italian wines and he will be our guide for a very informative and entertaining evening of these most popular wines.  Italy continues as one of the premier wine-producing countries of the world, so please join us as we visit Tuscany, Piedmont, Veneto, Sardinia, and several other classic wine regions.  $35 one session  You are sure to exclaim “AMO IL VINO ITALIANO!”

Lesser Known Grapes  - Great Flavors    Wednesday                    June 25
Doug Rankin, owner of Missing Link Wine Company, has many years of wine experience.  His goal this evening will be to introduce us to a number of new and unique grapes and wine flavors.  Leave your love of Cabs and Chards at the door and open yourself up to the excitement of the unknown as Doug offers a wide range of different grapes from around the world.  Your palate will thank you for a most interesting and tasty roster of wines that you may never had the opportunity to taste . . . were it not for Doug’s “FABULOUS FINDS!”      $35 one session

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