Saturday, April 5, 2014

Wine Tasting Saturday April 5, 1:00pm - 4:00pm & Saying Goodbye :(

 Today, Saturday April 5th, 2012, marks Gregory Woods last day of employment with Harry's Wine & Liquor Market. 

Saying Goodbye to (Uncle) Greg is not an easy thing to do, he has been a well liked wine staff member and a manager for this store since beginning his employment with us in 2010. Simply put, Greg has been a pleasure to have on staff and we were lucky to have him as long as we did. 

Now it is time for him to graduate from our ranks and step in to the next chapter of his professional career. Although his palate, good nature and hard work will be missed by all of us but we could not be happier for him as he gets a great opportunity that we can say with confidence, he has most assuredly earned. Greg is moving on to be a Manager and Buyer at 109 Cheese & Wine  in Ridgefield just down the road from his home. In our humble opinion, this store is very fortunate to be getting such a strong employee and will benefit greatly from his presence. 

Sometimes things just work right for someone and their life and in this case we believe that the move that he is making is good for everyone involved (maybe not so good for us). He will now be part of our graduated class and we are proud to say that he will always be a part of our history and alumni. 

If you have an opportunity today, please stop by and say goodbye and offer him well wishes and great success. He will be working until 4:00pm and I am sure he would appreciate it.

Barkan Merlot Argaman 2010            $11.99
The Merlot Argaman is a robust wine with depth, body and tannins, a combination of the character of Argaman and of Merlot. The wine is uniquely Israeli and goes well with a Mediterranean cuisine.

Barkan Pinot Noir 2012                                  $11.99
The wine is marked by soft, yet palpable tannin, with a fresh almost strawberry aroma with hints of black cherries and mint. Its medium body and crisp finish goes well with grilled salmon or veal, and is best served at a cool room temperature.

Bartenura Pinot Grigio 2012               $16.99
Well-balanced, dry with pear and honeysuckle flavors and a fresh clean finish.

Teal Lake Shiraz 2012                                    $12.99
Vibrant red in color, with very purple hues. This premium Australian Shiraz shows an intensely spicy, fragrant bouquet together with stylishly elegant berry fruit flavors on the palate.

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