Friday, April 25, 2014

Wine School hits the road (again)

A couple years ago William took a group out to Long Island on a winery tour that we called "William's Magical Mystery Tour" which was named after his very popular summer class at Harry's Wine School. It was a sellout and on a perfect summer day he led the group on a tour the lasted from the morning on into the evening and featured lots of wine, good food, and a terrific group of people that had a equally wonderful time.

Since that time we have wanted to expand on the idea and take a group abroad for an amazing experience in another wine region. We are regularly invited by Vineyard owners and Winemakers to visit them "if you are ever in the area" and on a couple of occasions we have had the good fortune of being able to take them up on the offer. Each time one of us does this kind of trip, we talk about the idea of bringing some of our wine calss students or interested customers along for the unique experience.

Last summer William stopped talking about it and started planning it!

On Sunday May 11, 2013 a group of interested folks will join Patrick and Jan along with good friend and wine tour specialist Vin Marottoli (Winelovers Tours) on a trip to and through Tuscany Italy. Many of the invitations to visit and taste wine with some of our favorite producers have been accepted, the times are set and along the way we have a few surprises planned. This trip will pack lots of wine, food and sites along the way and it will leave all of us with memories that are sure to be repeated to the people we meet in our future time and again for the rest of our lives. Can't wait!

Everyone will be able to follow along on our blog and Facebook page as we report back to our friends and family via the net.

If it all sounds great and you wish that you had joined our group but were unable to find the time or afford the trip, fear not, there is already talk about the "next" tour.

Ah, spring in Tuscany... in my mind I can see it already.

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