Friday, March 14, 2014

Beer Tasting 4 - 7pm Friday, March 14

Your host will be Greg of Murphy's Brewing.

Murphy’s Red              $7.99/6pb
The bread notes in this beer are easily its most defining characteristic. It doesn't smell toasty as much as it smells like homemade bread warming in the oven. Even drinking Irish Red is redolent of biting into freshly baked bread: It is incredibly soft and rounded on the palate and leaves many of those same biscuity flavors in your mouth. The hops in this brew need to be more noticeable to keep pace with all the malt flavors, but overall, Heineken (owners of Murphy's) has made a very drinkable brew. When you can get it on tap, do: The head and body are much creamier when the beer's straight from the keg.

Murphy’s Stout            $14.99/10pc  or   $5.99/4pc 16oz
The lightest and sweetest of Ireland's Big Three (Guinness, Beamish and Murphy's), Murphy's Irish Stout is the "nice guy" of the group. But don't be deceived — that just means you can drink more of ‘em. Think chocolate milk topped with a double shot of espresso and finished with a one-inch thick head of caramel-infused creamy goodness. Since the company's acquisition by Heineken in 1983, Murphy's has been enjoying a reputation as one of the fastest growing stout brands in the world. Have a Guinness for dinner, but save this one for dessert. 

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